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The screen cleaner comes wired for 110vac. For an additional fee, the unit can be converted to 12vdc to run on a portable plant.

The screen  cleaner is sold in a package with two major components. The Control Assembly and the Motor Assembly.


Control Box Directional timer adjusts to any size screen

Each control box comes wired with 3 different leads. The 110v ac standard plug, a 90v dc female twist lock, and the control wire. The 90v dc line comes factory standard at 100 foot. The 110v ac line goes in any outlet; it does not have to be gfci.

The control wires are designed to be connected to the normally open auxiliary contact of the screens magnetic starter. The screen cleaner can be set up to manually start if the motor start is not available.


The Motor Assembly

The motor assembly comes standard with a 20' 3/8 chain. The chain can be cut to any length or extended to accommodate all screen sizes .All that is needed on the customers end is a 2" black steel pipe mounted level approximately 6" above the opening of the screen. The pipe has to be fixed and attached in a way where it does not vibrate with the screen.


Blinding buster screen cleaners are installed on both of these screens. The screen on the left has had the screen cleaner turned off for just one hour to demonstrate the effectiveness of the screen cleaner.  Click Here to view a full-size image.

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